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Trazos Art Academy

Trazos Art Academy has grown to become the forefront of after school activities, events, parties and programs since its founding 18 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia. Our founders, Luis Fernando Morales and Alicia María Vallejo, wanted to be able to go where people could interact in a social setting as well as be surrounded by the arts. Focusing on becoming happy individuals, rather than renowned artists,Trazos Art Academy seeks to bring out a person’s creativity. Many different arts and methods are taught, and we are constantly finding new ways of instruction, innovative techniques, and exciting and new events. Luis Fernando Morales and Alicia María Vallejo wish to provide only the best in artistic education. From art classes to camps and even to party celebrations, Trazos Art Academy has everything you needs to set out on a journey of artistic expression all while having fun with family and friends. Our mobile Programs and Events can fit into any schedule, so you do not have to sacrifice rewarding creative activities due to prior obligations. You will be able to have a unique party that comes to your location. Based out of North Miami Beach, Trazos Art Academy serves the Miami, Florida area, We are available to come to you for art parties. Let us come teach private art classes at your next party or event!


Have Fun Learning! This is our Inspirational Concept. A sketch, a drawing, a cartoon or a painting are all elements with which children and teenagers can learn at a gradual pace and at their own rhythm, under the supervision of a teacher, trained and qualified, who guides and leads them to express themselves artistically, with confidence and assertiveness, what they think and how they feel. More than a slogan, Have Fun Learning! is a method developed by Trazos, that makes the most out of the opportunities provided for us in our everyday activities to create areas with formative, creative and critical qualities; exploring the subjects through playful group projects that involve the arts, communication channels, and new technology. Have Fun Learning! Denotes a program designed for different age groups and oriented, class by class, to probing and viewing the various techniques and artistic possibilities each student possesses through activities, games and projects; setting forth a sequential and progressive structure that provides an enjoyable learning environment of high quality standards.


Trazos Art Academy, with its programs and experience, has a mission to link children and teenagers with the world around them through an aesthetic learning process, using art and audio-visual devices as pedagogical and social tools. Our service is a fresh and novel approach joining didactic, artistic and technological resources that stimulate the creative sensibilities of children, while simultaneously improving their intellectual capabilities. When taking part in our programs, students will: · Come in contact with the subject matter · Blend the attainment of knowledge with creative development · Participate in a group project under academic supervision · Establish a true link between practice and theory · Develop an entrepreneurial spirit and a problem solving mentality “Have Fun Learning” “As fun as what you enjoy the most”.

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