5 Tips to Host a Succes FUN Painting Party at Home

Everyone enjoys a painting party! Parents can relax, or partake in the fun, while children get immersed into the creative act of painting.

This is why we have made for you a list with some useful tips to host the greatest painting party. Whether  you are the the host or the person guiding the painting activity, you will set the tone of the party, so be confident of your skills to paint and direct a small or large group of people. Depending on the age group that will come to your party, it is important to consider some details. Here is our checklist for a successFUN painting party:

  • Pick a design

Chose a design that is “hot” for the age group, but also appropriate.Younger children enjoy simpler, colorful designs, while older children enjoy to be challenged with more complex scenes. To better guide your guests in the process, it is useful to do the painting yourself beforehand. Having a model to follow is good to give simple and precise directions that children can easily visualize.

  • Have all materials ready (and some extra in case another artist shows up)
  • Canvas
  • Easels (optional)
  • Pencils
  • Brushes of different sizes (two per children)
  • Cups to rinse the brushes
  • Paint
  • Paper plates to pour the paint
  • Paper towel
  • Aprons (or you can ask for old t-shirts)


  • Organize the space

The paint may go to unexpected places, so be prepared to cover or remove the furniture or objects that may get stained. This will help you to feel relaxed while children get creative. Have the materials set up in each seat before the guests arrive. This way they know what they are getting into.

  • Set the rules of the game

Children, as well as adults, feel more comfortable when they know what to expect. This will lead everyone to have a rather amazing time! Describe step by  steps what is needed to accomplish the end result and set the general rules( no yelling, if you need help raise your hand, feel free to ask for help). There will be children who finish before others, so take advantage of this and make them your helpers.

  • Have fun

A successful painting party comes with a lot of fun and the painting will show it. Yes, the end result is kinda the point of the party, but so it is that your guests enjoy it. So, be flexible about individual requests, such as using a different colors and adding or omitting some details in the painting. Have someone take lots of pictures of the process, and a final shot with all the children and their paintings.

Now, you had hosted a success FUN painting party!

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