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trazos art academy

«Where the imagination creates fun"

General Info

 Grade Levels: from baby to 99 years old=) 


17152 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

School Hours

Monday: 8 am – 6 pm
Weekends: Saturday

Phone & Email

(786) 766-0278




Have Fun Learning! This is our Inspirational Concept. A sketch, a drawing, a cartoon or a painting are all elements with which children and teenagers can learn at a gradual pace and at their own rhythm, under the supervision of a teacher, trained and qualified, who guides and leads them to express themselves artistically, with confidence and assertiveness, what they think and how they feel. More than a slogan, Have Fun Learning! is a method developed by Trazos, that makes the most out of the opportunities provided for us in our everyday activities to create areas with formative, creative and critical qualities; exploring the subjects through playful group projects that involve the arts, communication channels, and new technology. Have Fun Learning! Denotes a program designed for different age groups and oriented, class by class, to probing and viewing the various techniques and artistic possibilities each student possesses through activities, games and projects; setting forth a sequential and progressive structure that provides an enjoyable learning environment of high quality standards.

Every person can make this world better -just do it…

Elina Taleykina and Family



What People are Saying

“Went here this past weekend for a surprise birthday gathering. Turned out awesome. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Elina was great as the instructor for the evening. She created a warm welcoming environment that had everyone relaxed thus making the night more enjoyable. Our entire group enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to going back.”

Justice Sunshine Miller
“I decided to look for a paint studio for my organization Divas Headed For Success due to having so many of my lil divas interested in art and drawing. Find this paint academy was everything. I enjoyed everything about it as well as my girls. The owner/ instructor was everything with my girls. I would would recommend this place to anyone and me and my girls will be back. Thanks for having us!!! 😘”

Jose E. 


“My experience was awesome here! I came here with my wife. After the first experience here I wanna come again but with the hole family and paint. Also love that you can bring your own wine. Awesome place so worth it!”

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